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PA Forum is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with The Healthy Employee throughout the whole of 2021

Each year we ask our members for feedback and after what has been a challenging year over 50% of our members wanted more events that would support them with health, lifestyle, dealing with stress, resilience nutrition and overall mental wellbeing,

The Healthy Employee is a health and wellbeing provider, working with corporate clients to create healthy, purposeful workplaces through a range of products and services designed to inspire positive lifestyle improvements.

The Healthy Employee (THE) works within the IT sector, construction, rail and many others, providing services both on site and remotely.  With evidence based products and services THE provides practical and down to earth wellbeing solutions for all sectors and roles.  Their Wellness Challenges and programmes have been delivering measurable results over the last 10 years significantly improving sleep, energy, focus and concentration, afternoon slump and mood.  Impacting not only on health and well being but importantly on safety in the workplace.  

More about THE

  • Established in 2008.  Their first corporate client was SCC and THE work with them to this day.
  • 80% of their turnover is repeat works
  • 90% of their healthcare practitioners are retained
  • 67% of people using their services say they will make at least one positive change to their lifestyle
  • Client satisfaction score; 86% very satisfied

Whether working with large or small projects the aim is always to provide participants with practical and down to earth tools to help them achieve healthier lifestyles.  In 2019 THE provided the Biggest Loser, Best Improver wellness challenge for Laing O’Rourke engaging almost 1000 people and resulting in the following improvements: 

  • Improvement in energy of 11.6%
  • Improvement in mood of 9.3%
  • Improvement in sleep of 9.6%
  • Improvement in afternoon slump of 9.5%
  • 13.3% more now eating breakfast

More typically THE works on smaller projects for example providing Siemens Mobility with a programme of webinars to actively engage not just the workforce but their families and loved ones too.

As a result of the pandemic THE were engaged to work with Alstom Rail to provide socially distanced Boosting Immunity workshops to rail maintenance workers.  The aim of which was to inform about diet, sleep, energy and hygiene to not only reduce the risk for COVID 19 but the risk for coughs, colds and flu over the winter months.  


“Hi, I work at Alstom Nottingham, hope you don’t mind me saying, we had a Health and Wellbeing meeting with Ellie Roberts on 27/10/20.  She is amazing and had brilliant advice, I thoroughly enjoyed it and tool loads of good tips, especially helping my sleeping with chamomile tea – she is a star!  So massive thank you Ellie, take care and stay safe.  Dave Heywood.”

Anna Mason, Managing Director of THE says; ‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with the PA Forum. We feel it is of vital importance to offer people a route map to well being that provides practical and down to earth tips that will help people take small steps to health improvement.  We have all suffered one way or another through COVID this year and we believe the legacy left by the pandemic will be huge impacting people’s day to day lives.  We are pleased to be able to offer some wellbeing assistance and support including top tips that can be shared with participants’ workplaces.”  

THE’s handpicked healthcare practitioners are trained professionals working within their fields and include dietitians, nutritional therapists, massage therapists, clinicians, mental health experts.  All are highly skilled to engage and educate the workforce.  

The Healthy Employee will be working in partnership with PA Forum each month, throughout 2021 to deliver webinars for our members including topics such as Mindful Eating, Unconscious Bias, Brain Food, Afternoon Slump, Menopause, Improved Sleep, Resilience and much, much more

 Fay Gleeson, Executive Personal Assistant, SCC says “SCC have worked successfully with the Healthy Employee for more than 10 years.  We initially started with organising a weight loss programme, where Anna worked with our colleagues around their weight loss goals.  But now the Healthy Employee programme has become so much more than a weight loss programme.  Over recent times we have conducted Healthy Employee days/workshops which has seen more than 250 colleagues on a single day attend the onsite programme where they have engaged with the Healthy Employee around healthy eating, lowering cholesterol, managing stress, mental health in the workplace, stop smoking support, BMI testing and many more support sessions. Two sessions have proved to be hugely popular, these are onsite yoga sessions that take place during lunch session, as well as dedicated days for Anna’s professional masseur to attend our office locations (6 across the UK) and provide free massage sessions for staff, this one always has a waiting list!   These programmes have proved to be hugely beneficial to SCC’s staff over the years and we have received superb staff feedback.  Our work with the Healthy Employee also forms the backbone of SCC’s CSR policy and strategy.  Anna and her team are always hugely professional and confidential and are a trusted partner to SCC and we look forward to working with them over the coming years.”

Daniel Skermer, Founder of PA Forum said “We are so excited about our partnership with Anna and her team, the health and wellbeing of our members is so important and to be able to work with such a highly regarded and professional organisation such as The Healthy Employee will give many of our community so many ideas and inspiration as to how workplace wellness initiatives are important now more than ever. As we continue to either work remotely in what we hope will be a post Covid-19 world or for some of our members adjust to work within the ever changing office environment The Healthy Employee Team will be available to offer help, advice and support for our members to achieve prosperous start to 2021 and offer ongoing support throughout the year”

Please do sign up to the PA Forum newsletter to be the first to hear of the programme of events we will be launching from January onwards or if you would like more information please contact Daniel Skermer [email protected]

Further Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed working with you and your company, you clearly have a passion for wellbeing and the knowledge to support it. The taster stall at BOTG was praised by everyone who attended, and Nicola did a great job on presentation and engagement with the workforce. I would highly recommend using The Healthy Employee at similar events in future”. – HSES Project Partner, Balfour Beatty

“Everyone has enjoyed their wellbeing checks with Celia, who is so friendly and approachable and gives out great advice. It has had a real positive effect on Site which is what we set out to achieve. I’m so proud of everyone that has taken part, and it makes you realise that small changes can make a big difference. We might not have the Biggest Loser this year, but I have certainly been impressed with a number of colleagues who have changed their eating habits and lifestyle and are managing to reach their own personal goals.” – Faye Woollam, Laing O’Rouke

“You’ve made such a difference to our workforce.  We regularly count the lbs lost in terms of £’s saved.”  – Project Director, Costain A14 JV


“Since we started working with the Healthy Employee we found their services very engaging. They have a very flexible approach which help us develop and deliver the right programmes for our business. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and collaborative and always comes up with new evidence-based suggestions to address our key health risk areas.

Their approach to data collection and reporting it’s also noteworthy, as we found that they were flexible in collecting and reporting the data we require and always deliver the relevant reports and services in a timely manner”. – Nayia Solea, Siemens Mobility