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Nominations for the East Midlands PA Awards 2024 are now OPEN!

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Following the successful launch of the East Midlands PA Awards in 2023, we are pleased to announce that the awards are back for a second year, continuing to recognise and celebrate the incredible talent and achievements of those who work in an Executive or Business Support Role over the past 12 months and beyond.

These awards are a celebration of Executive & Business Support Professionals and companies who have businesses and offices based across the East Midlands region, including Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire.

We have a whole range of categories to choose from this year, including some that are BRAND NEW for 2024. There is something for everyone, covering all positions across the Business Support spectrum, from Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Team Leader, Team Manager, Business Support Manager and many more.

You are welcome to NOMINATE in as many categories as you like. We do not want to limit the opportunities for you to sing someone’s praises (or your own!). Anyone who has been nominated in previous years can be nominated again and we very much encourage you to do so.

Once you have made your nomination(s), we will communicate this via email to your nominee(s) and provide them with a copy of what you said in your Nomination Form (if you agree to this) and ask them to personally complete an Information Form, which will provide the Awards Committee with more detail about them, their role and their amazing achievements.

Please also do not miss out on this opportunity to put forward a SELF-NOMINATION in as many categories as you like. We welcome, encourage and really admire anyone who may push themselves out of their comfort zone and submit a self-nomination.

We cannot wait to hear from you all and to celebrate and share the fantastic contributions from such a wide variety of professional representatives across all sectors and experience levels. Thank you to YOU for making an impact and a real difference to the colleagues that support you and the business each and every day.

Congratulations in advance to those nominated for the East Midlands PA Awards 2024 and a HUGE thank you from us all for taking the time to recognise and value your colleagues with your nominations.


Further dates for your diary (nominees)

East Midlands PA Awards Nominee Celebration – April 2024
Finalists Announced via email and social media – April 2024
In-person Judging Day – May 2024
Finalist Networking Event and celebrations – July 2024
East Midlands PA Awards Ceremony – September 2024

Awards Process & Scoring Criteria

Team of the Year Award

Are you supported by or do you work within a team that deserves recognition for the incredible job they do as a collective? The successful team will be a collaborative one that ensures any job is completed successfully and with impeccable quality and excellence.

Do they go above and beyond as a team and are they the epitome of the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work”? If so, the Team of the Year Award is the category for them as it aims to recognise teams of 3 or more from the same organisation or those who have joined forces to work collaboratively for a common goal.

We want to hear about how they have worked together to set and achieve objectives, supported one another through both the good and tougher times and how they have added value to your organisation!


Business Support Manager of the Year

The Business Support Manager of the Year Award aims to recognise those that champion and support the team they manage. This person will have gone above and beyond to support, motivate and encourage their team to develop an inclusive, positive and forward-thinking workforce. This person is the definition of leadership through advocating for their business support team.

Their job title might be anything including Team Leader, Office Manager, Administrative Support Manager, Lead PA or even Chief of Staff. There is no limit to the title, only that they have been the direct line manager for a business support function or department.

Using specific examples, we would like to hear how your nominated manager has supported you and/or your team, how they have gone above and beyond in their role and what makes them stand out from any other manager you have had before.


Lifetime Achievement (20 + Years working in the profession)

The Lifetime Achievement Award provides a unique opportunity to celebrate an outstanding individual who has maintained a career and made a significant impact in an Executive or Business Support Role for more than 20 years, across a single or number of organisations. The size and type of organisation is less important than the credentials of the nominee.

Please tell us about the incredible contributions your nominee has made that has really impacted and contributed to some defining moments throughout their dedicated career. How have they taken their years of experience to the next level and what impact have their achievements had on you and your business in the past or present day?

We want to hear about how your nominee has continued to evolve in a fast paced, ever-changing world and how they have supported the business through to success, whilst facing a wide range of professional challenges. Are you able to tell us how they have continued to develop their skillsets over time and how they represent the business and profession to the highest standard? We cannot wait to hear all about your nominee as we celebrate the Lifetime Achievement Award.


*We kindly request you to make a nomination for either the Lifetime Achievement Award OR the PA of the Year Award, whichever you feel most suits the criteria, you are very welcome to make multiple nominations in all the other categories.

Rising Star & Newcomer of the Year (Less than 3 years within the role and the profession)

The Rising Star / Newcomer of the Year Award recognises an outstanding newcomer who has started a new career as a PA or EA within an executive or business support role, including apprenticeships.

Tell us about the exciting journey they have taken so far and what impact they have made to your working life, the wider business and any exciting projects they may have championed. Why did your nominee choose this profession as a career path and what makes you proud that they are your PA or EA and trusted partner?

What has been their most amazing achievement to date? Have they implemented processes that have resulted in improved efficiencies, brought new ideas, skills and new initiatives or have they developed a close working relationship with you and how have they integrated with the wider team and networked and built the foundations of great relationships internally and externally?


Independent VA of the Year

Managing your own business can be challenging when you’re in charge of finding new clients, marketing, HR, finance and all the other core functions necessary to running your own company, alongside offering various support services to many business owners every day. We want to hear about your most defining career moments and achievements since setting up your Virtual Assistant business. How have you adapted your business over time to continuously provide exceptional services for your clients? What challenges have you met head-on along the way and how would you say your business differs from the rest? We welcome nominations from your clients (or yourself!) and would love to hear why you should be Independent VA of the Year.


Project Champion of the Year

Many executive and business support roles are evolving to include the overseeing and overall management of many different types of projects and events. The 2024 Project Champion of the Year will have been the owner of a project that has co-ordinated and encouraged the buy in of a team, managing a hugely exciting concept.

Has your Project Champion of the Year managed a challenging or impactful project? Has this been in addition to their normal day to day role and responsibilities.

This person will have worked tirelessly to bring together each element through fantastic ideas and communication, mindful of all the different elements that contribute to a chance for change to happen and encourage positive conversations.

We would love to hear more about a specific project, the more you can tell us about your nominee the better. What was the feedback from the various stakeholders involved, how was the success measured and what tools did they use to help them along the way? Using as many examples as possible, please tell us about the project, the biggest challenges and how your nominee overcame them.


Administrative Professional of the Year Award

The Administrative Professional of the Year Award looks to recognise those working in a variety of business support roles outside of the specific EA/PA role, including Office Assistants, Admin Assistants, Administrators, Receptionists, etc. These roles, which are integral to many organisations, should be recognised in their own right for the key part they play in the function of their business.

If someone you know in a business support role goes above and beyond or offers something totally different, is naturally intuitive or inspires others around them, we want to hear about that passion for the role and what they do to stand out from the crowd!


Outstanding Contribution Award

This category recognises outstanding contribution from business professionals working within a support function or administrative environment, regardless of role or job title. This Award celebrates their achievements, where they have used initiative in supporting others to improve the service delivered or gone over and above the role expectations and where they have delivered consistently high performance in a particular task.

Have they contributed innovative solutions to improve systems and processes within the team?

Are they a PA who has volunteered to write a CSR Policy or an EA who managed a CSR programme for their business, any duty or task which may not be considered part of their usual role? Whatever the task in hand, they rose to the challenge and delivered client service excellence effectively and efficiently, demonstrating their diverse knowledge and skillset.

We are welcoming nominations in this category from colleagues and business leaders, as well as self-nominations. Now really is the time to blow their own trumpet and show the world how proud they are of their achievements!


PA of the Year Award

The PA of the Year Award recognises outstanding contribution from PAs to EAs supporting Board/C-suite Executives and Managing Directors; individuals who have worked in a support role for 3+ years to Senior Directors who have consistently gone above and beyond their day job.

This category would be suitable for an individual who has demonstrated passion and exceeded expectations notwithstanding pressures from a position at this level, worked on key projects that have not only delivered on the firms values and strategy but hit further goals or have established new working practices to improve service delivered by the wider team.

We want to recognise individuals who have shown excellence across their career and are a shining embodiment of the role. We want to hear about the highlights of their career and the positive impact they have made within the business. We cannot wait to hear from EAs and PAs from a variety of sectors at C-suite level. If your nominee can demonstrate outstanding commitment, dedication and passion to the PA/EA profession, this is the category for them.


*We kindly request you to make a nomination for either the Lifetime Achievement Award OR the PA of the Year Award, whichever you feel most suits the criteria, you are very welcome to make multiple nominations in all the other categories.

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